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“Congratulations on a remarkable performance last night! I’m a good friend of David Maslanka, and I emailed him to say what an amazing job you did with his music. It seems as though the piece was written for you—maybe it was?? You completely owned it, soaring on all those astonishingly high notes in a supremely confident and beautiful way. The balance and musicality of the entire group was really terrific. I wish David could have been there for the performance.”

Dr. Edward Knight

“Dawn is an essential and irreplaceable part of my company. She combines strong clarinet pedagogy with humor and improvisational charisma. She can captivate a room full of middle school students, and leave them with better concepts of embouchure, air, articulation, and hand position at the end. She exemplifies professionalism and is a wonderful steward of our company outside of the classroom at conferences and clinics, and her former collegiate students impress me with their own sense of professionalism and teaching ability.”

Julie Linder, Clarinet Pro Workshops